Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival Shanghai at K11 Art Mall

From April 22-May 5, K11 Art Mall in Shanghai plays host to works by some of China’s leading experimental animators as part of the “Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival”. Featuring three programs by four different animators, curator Cao Kai include premieres, repetitions of classics, and many other surprises. host to “Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival,” visitors can see his shorter pieces such as “Chaos and Order”, is screening a selection of the works of Liu Jian, one of the leading forces in contemporary Chinese animation. As part of the

P.I.G. Screening Series: Die Hard at the Grumpy Pig

On December 10, P.I.G. launches its Shanghai screening series with a special collaboration with our friends at The Grumpy Pig. And what better way to ring in the season than with a Hollywood holiday classic: “Die Hard” (1988). We’ll be screening the film and serving a special, Die Hard-themed menu – reserve now to make sure you don’t miss it! The Grumpy Pig x P.I.G. China “Movie & Grub”: Christmas Edition Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 8pm @ The Grumpy Pig, Shanghai Space Limited. Reservations: 6217-3355 GrumpyGrub1 Did you forget that “Die Hard” is an amazing Christmas movie? Watch the trailer again to refresh your memory…

Super Cool Party: Interview with Designer Francis Lam (aka db-db)

SuperCool1 Last week saw the launch of “Super Cool Party”, a new iOS app from Francis Lam (aka db-db), which has quickly taken over the Instagram and WeChat moments feeds of Shanghai creatives. It’s a “super pixelicious fashion simulation game” with db-db’s trademark style seen in Tofu Go and Nudemen – a combination of funky 8bit graphics, catchy tunes, and cheeky gameplay (which here involves “undressing” characters to unlock their clothing for fun mix-and-match). In the future, it may feature packs of branded fashion content and beyond. Francis’ expansive practice also encompasses his long-time work as Creative Technologist at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, and founder of hand-crafted wooden furniture brand OWW. To kick off POV’s new interview series with diverse creatives, Francis graciously agreed to answer our questions. POV INTERVIEW: FRANCIS LAM, AKA DB-DB Q: In a nutshell, how would you describe “Super Cool Party”? What’s its connection to shopping and fashion? A: It’s a fashion-themed 8-bit casual game + social camera app. But what I also want to experiment is to create a new platform for advertising and mobile gaming. In-game advertising has always been a big turn-off for gamers, I really want to build something that can make both marketers and gamers happy. Q: What inspired the game, especially its visual style, music, and beach setting/”party” concept? A: Happy, fun and 8bit are always the main themes and styles of my work. It also vaguely linked to my Nudemen Series by the way. User images from Instagram – add your own with the #supercoolparty and #supercoolstyle tags! Q: This is your first app since Tofu Go – what have you learned since then, and what different techniques of design, programming, marketing, and distribution were you looking to try in Super Cool Party? A: I think all my other mobile apps and games are experiments or extensions of my other work. Most of them were finished in a weekend or so. Super Cool Party is a more well-thought and

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produced project which leverages different digital and social channels. It’s also the first product launched by my new entity db+DB. dcf880d2569111e3a9810ebdd4ba5cf5_6 Instagram from @bbfish Q: Since you left Wieden+Kennedy to work on independent projects, you mentioned that you’re pursuing an interesting workflow of experimenting with various new projects on quick-iteration time-schedule. Can you describe this new project structure you’re exploring? A: Sure. db+DB is a small team aiming for making tiny digitally-driven products in fast iterations. We have three criteria for our products: 1. It has to be launched in less than 2-3 months. 2. It has to be commercially viable. 3. It has to have a big idea which potentially change the world and make our lives better – maybe for just a little bit. Q: What do you think is the future of mobile advertising, and how do you think games are important in this space? Many people have talked about the death of Weibo and the rise of Weixin as a space for brands – how are you hoping that an app/game like Super Cool Party can pioneer new directions on those platforms? A: I think games are one of the biggest digital communities yet to have a working advertising ecosystem. Super Cool Party is an experimental project to try answer the issue. Q: What inspires you the most right now? A: Currently, definitely my newborn daughter. Download Super Cool Party here and check it out!

We love cinema

We love cinema

Now in theatres across France, the latest from director Olivier Megaton. A PIG China co-production.

As Time Goes By in Shanghai – New Documentary

Premiering this week at “Hot Docs” is “As Time Goes By in Shanghai”, a new documentary on Shanghai’s own Peace Hotel band – the oldest jazz band in the world. Directed by Uli Gaulke, the film looks like a charming portrait of some old guys who still have a trick or two up their sleeves. From the film’s description: The oldest band of the world has been playing every evening at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai for more than thirty years. Most members of the band, all

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Jazz musicians of the first rank, are older than 80 years. AS TIME GOES BY IN SHANGHAI accompanies the oldest band in the world on their greatest adventure yet: their appearance at the North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam, the most important festival of its kind. In the final weeks before their appearance, this musical film will immerse itself in a world of unparalleled change. Jazz stands for improvisation, individualism, freedom and creativity. Against the backdrop of great jazz hymns, the film will chart the fascinating life stories of these seven exceptional musicians: from the Japanese occupation to the Cultural Revolution right up to today’s turbo planned economy. With humour, wisdom and a tale or two being spun on the way, the men in black suits will lead us on a tour of their everyday lives in one of the world’s most modern cities and show us how good old jazz has given them the strength to weather the storms of time. Check out the trailer on Youtube or below, and a Tumblr with great behind-the-scenes photos.

“The Queen’s Feast” – Shanghai Hotel In the Buff

Recently, Shanghai’s Crystal Orange Hotel released a new promotional video entitled “The Queen’s Feast”, which dares to show their hotel “in the buff”.

A troupe of muscular men arrives at the hotel, checking into their sleek, modernist rooms, only to quickly strip down and position themselves at the windows. Suddenly the curtains are pulled back – and the result is a treat for all the hard-working Shanghai ladies who may have been walking home from the office that night. That’s right, it’s a beefcake feast, for all the “Queens” of our city (female and otherwise).

Take a “peek” at this fun campaign – in an advertising landscape that is oversaturated with scantily-clad women (and girls), it’s a nice change of pace to have some buff dudes on display. Enjoy the eye candy, ladies!

Watch on Youku.

More information and credits here.