Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival Shanghai at K11 Art Mall

From April 22-May 5, K11 Art Mall in Shanghai plays host to works by some of China’s leading experimental animators as part of the “Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival”. Featuring three programs by four different animators, curator Cao Kai include premieres, repetitions of classics, and many other surprises. host to “Avant-Garde Micro Film Festival,” visitors can see his shorter pieces such as “Chaos and Order”, is screening a selection of the works of Liu Jian, one of the leading forces in contemporary Chinese animation. As part of the

“On Fear” Zine and GIFs by Inkee Wang

Inkee Wang (Wang Yingqi) is currently a student at London’s Royal College of Art, and has been attracting attention for her delightfully skewed illustrations for some time. Now they leap off the page/screen in her project “On Fear”, which takes the form of a specialized Tumblr, a series of animated GIFs, and a limited-edition zine. The experimental visual essay explores the nature of fear that all humans share – and even digs deep into history for parallels to our modern condition.

See more at the project site, and some of our favorite selections below. GIFs of the day(/week/month)!